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Welcome to Engeenuity

Engeenuity is a privately held company focussed on the development of a newly available technology. The core development over the past decade has now become available for the first commercial applications. We are happy to share the wide scope of new possibilities that can be achieved with this technology. The innovation is inspired by nature, so we are proud to support "nature providing solutions".

Engeenuity uses its Advanced Physics System Engineering (APSE™) process, a revolutionary technology that affects processes in the complex structure of biological systems.

APSE™ currently has applications in the food and water systems industries.

The APSE™ technology is a non invasive solution for extending shelf life of perishable products and/or replacing current preservatives or bacteria and funghi inhibitors. The potential end benefits include ingredient cost reductions, lower production/distribution costs and a more natural method of achieving the desired results. These benefits can ultimately result in sales and market share gains in addition to cost efficiencies.

Installation of most APSE™ solutions does not interrupt current production lines nor require additional equipment or machinery, are user friendly, and readily usable in a very short period of time, usually 2 to 7 days.