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Working with Engeenuity: The Process

  1. Data Gathering
    Engeenuity staff meet with production supervisors, engineers to outline current process and understand objectives of client
    Timing: 1 day
  2. Analysis/Goal Setting/Recommendation
    Engeenuity staff analyze client production process, conduct APSE™ capability mapping and propose solution to client
    Timing: 1 – 3 weeks
  3. Proof of Concept Testing
    APSE™ technology is submitted to test run application to confirm effectiveness of proposed solution
    Timing: 1 – 4 weeks
  4. 1.Commercial Implementation
    APSE™ technology is submitted to a “real life” but limited test to confirm scaled application of proposed solution.

    Installation of most APSE™ solutions does not interrupt current production lines nor require additional equipment or machinery, are user friendly, and readily usable in a very short period of time, usually 2 to 7 days.

    Timing: 2 – 7 days device installation (per facility)
    2 – 4 months commercial line testing
  5. Full Scale Production Process Implementation
    APSE™ scaled implementation
    Timing: 2 – 7 days device installation (per facility)